The Story so far......Shane, Melissa & Kirralea Jeffery

10 December, 2006

Just Chillin

Me and my Mum
Awww look at my rolls.....
Man I'm getting sick of this bear!!!!!
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25 November, 2006

Me and my toys

Wonder what this thing does??
From this......... to this.........all by myself.
I can roll over now aint I clever??
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I'm eleven weeks old

Arn't I a cutie??
You want me to what????
I have finally figured out what this pink thing is!!! It's to cuddle
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09 November, 2006


9 weeks old! 10 weeks old, man that went fast....

Yeah......I'm really enjoying this!!!!!!!
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01 November, 2006

I'm 8 weeks old and love my Pooh outfit from my Swedish friends
Isn't My Mum Good looking??
What you lookin at????Me with My Mum and Dad
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24 October, 2006

Hi again, I'm 2 months old now

Just ,chillin, with my friend Reuben Woooooww, too much milk, I'm gonna feel this in the morning......he he
Hey look what I can do, yes this is a smile, give me a break I'm still learning how to do this

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11 October, 2006

My new Best mate

Say hello to my little friend, It was a pressent from my Nannie (gorrie).
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05 October, 2006

I'm getting Big now

Look how grow'd up I is getting

My smiles are getting bigger each day too Posted by Picasa